Thursday, July 21, 2011

Torchwood: Miracle Day

I loved Torchwood, it was based in Wales, wittiness, characters and had amazing storylines! 

Introducing the funded American's no way near the standard it used to be. It's seems to be now a program confused about what it should be! It was never CSI or ER but the more they release the more that is what it turns into and it was never like this before. The are beginning to use the similar camera movements in them as well! In two episodes there has been around 20 minutes maximum of it being based in it's origins of Wales and this is really disappointing and saddening to see. It is truly been taken away from it's roots! 

I zone out easier to this series because it isn't the same and I wish I didn't. If it wasn't for Russell T Davies, it probably wouldn't even go to Wales. Why is it when funding is involve it takes away the originality of programmes? 

The highlights of the series so far has been Gwen's entertaining comments about being Welsh and not English! And of course the long awaited return of Mr Captain Jack Harkness himself!

I really hope that the rest of the season changes and goes back to how it first began! It's good that other countries feel that it's a brilliant program and recognize the talented people involved to help fund it. But I don't agree with try to change it after 3 series and the hard amount of time that they have spent building up their fan base. I can understand the logic for widening the audience, but what about the audience and fans they already have? Do they not matter as long as it becomes 'Americanized' and generic programming?

I truly hope it returns to the roots and back to being a Welsh originated program...

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