Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cars 2

After Pixar released the first Cars, it wasn't long after that they announced a second follow up film would be on the table. I have to admit I was wary about what the film was going to be like but i thoroughly enjoyed it! It's always hard to follow up a film that has been so popular but I was impressed by this!

It's begins with Miles Axlerod, who previously owned a big oil company, has invented a new renewable source for petrol and is claiming that his racecar Francesco Bernoulli is the fastest racecar around. This leads to a World Grand Prix involving Lightening McQueen. But during the races, the villains purposely knock out other racecars and this eventual leads to British spies thinking Mater is a spy aswell! Then there is the process of them trying to save the day to stop the villains.

When I watched it I loved the story-lines and the build up of the scenes. As soon as I saw the first film, Mater was my favourite character the comments he came out with were so entertaining. This carry’s on in to the new film, the scenes he are in are so entertaining, especially with the disguise scene! The only fault I felt was I wished there was a tiny bit more scenery with the rest of the characters from the first film, such as Sally.

The animation that Pixar produces just keeps getting better and better! The way the produce animated scenery, such as the towns, you can see the time and effort gone in to creating it to look 'realistic'. The building styles and the detailing of the colours are amazing, I loved the way that had created Big Ben! The crowd scene for the Grand Prix grid is so full of life!  One of the things that I truly love in the first one the 'flies' are baby cars with wings and in this one there are mini planes with wings. Where they get the creativity from to create these ideas are incredible! 

If you have kids definitely take them to see this, they will love it!

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