Friday, December 23, 2011

Arthur Christmas

With christmas so soon, figured I would do a review of a christmas film to get into the spirit of things!

I've been to see Arthur Christmas twice now in the cinema because I found it definitely lifted my spirits and that I loved the film. I have always loved what Aardman creates and this is no exception!

The film starts with a letter written by a young girl to Santa about what she would like for christmas and how her friends don't believe that he's real. The letter is read and responded to by Arthur. The story then progressed to show Santa delivering all the presents while being assisted by Elves. After the mission is complete they realise that a child has been missed and has nothing to wake up to. Its only wen Arthur goes back to find who wanted the lost present, that he discovers it was from the young girl in the beginning. Arthur being the loveable character that he is, goes out of his way to deliver the present to her.

I think the storyline is very beautifully written, it has the 'hero' that is Arthur and shows how even as the son of Santa he still believes in the magic that is christmas! It all reflects the family time at christmas and brings together this animated family. The animation is truly seemless and very spectular! From the creation of Arthur, to the Elves and the funny flying animals in Africa.

If you have children they will absolutely love this, but it's definitely a family film. Also if your an adult still go, it is truly a special christmasy film!

Friday, December 09, 2011


So it's taken me about a month to final blog again... With Christmas around the corner, I've been busy hand making cards and presents for people. It's been a busy month being back and forth Manchester, working, redecorating and trying to drop some weight. All of which has been surprisingly good at giving me more energy! It's quite incredible how much of my christmas shopping I've done online. I think because it's so accessible and the chances of getting what you want online compared to shops is higher. Plus the fact, some shops you just cannot move in for people, drives me bananas! 

With Christmas so close, I'm really looking forward to spending time with the family. I think that's the whole point of special holidays, its moments in those times of the year that are sometimes the funniest. Two years ago on boxing day, we'd bought a humming game and it kept us in stitches for hours, mainly because my dad sounded like Phil Jupitus (Never Mind the Buzzcocks). So following on from that we now have crackers with the humming game in. If you want some entertainment over christmas give it go...

Twilight Breaking Dawn

So they long awaited film has been released...

I loved Eclipse so I was hoping this would live up to the standard and even though there were a few cheesy parts to it, I thought it was very enjoyable! I always find the problem with adapting book to film is that its hard to live up to how readers can visualize what they read. I didn't really have the problem with the film except they could of done more with the wolf packs conversations with each other when their in formation. 

I thought they way they had chosen to set up the whole wedding was beautiful, it was how I pictured it when reading the book. But more than anything in that scene was how Billy Burke acted as Charlie was what I loved most about the scene, the awkward, funny but proud dad. The whole thing was shot absolutely beautifully, I've thought that about the whole saga but this one especially was. After the wedding and going on to the honeymoon, my honest opinion was some of it was very cheesy. Personally, they should of up the rating of the film to make it less so. I think it might of been just being surrounded by giggling teenagers who have no idea about relationships when watching the scene but it could of been a higher rating.

Later on in the film when Bella is having her bones broken by the baby, I honestly felt a bit sick from the sound. The showing I went to had adults that had taken their early teens to see it and all I could think when I left is they'll probably have nightmares from that as it was quite graphic. Admittedly it is has the dark side that the book had and the could of easily made even more so.

It was a very good translation from book to film, like the others were. Just now have to wait a year for the final installment of the series...