Thursday, June 30, 2011


I recently watched Paul ( a film written and starred in by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. I am huge fan of these two, separately and together. They always manage to produce something that makes me crack up and make films or television I absolutely love! This is definitely no exception to the rule.

It's about Graeme (Simon Pegg) and Clive (Nick Frost) who are two geeks who set about a road trip across  America. Where they met Paul (Seth Rogen) whose an alien that can disappear and provides to surrealist factor to the film. They technically kidnap a girl on the way, that Graeme fancies, while trying to escape the 'evil' that are trying to capture Paul. 

The films slightly more mainstream than previous films like Hot Fuzz, but it doesn't stop it being as entertaining and enjoyable to watch. From start to finish I had a smile on my face and the majority of time it left me giggling to myself. I really would recommend this film! Its brilliant, clever, funny and imaginative! It definitely would put a smile on my face no matter how badly my days going!

Currently I'm reading Simon Pegg's autobiography "Nerd Do Well" and so far it's amazing and I haven't stop smiling but I'll let you know the overall feeling of the book when I finish it :)

Two weeks since the last post...

In the last two weeks since my last post about leaving university, it became official, I no longer live with my best friends in university, I'm back home. On the 24th I found out my degree mark, a 2:1! Was the happiest day of my live! I didn't know whether or not I would get one as a was borderline but they decided to award me one :)
By next weekend I'll officially be a graduate with a BA in Media Production :) I'm excited but scared. Mainly because the market for jobs is so competitive as there are so many students currently in the same boat. I'm hoping that within the next few weeks I'll find a job, but I guess we'll see :P

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nearly the end...

It seems to me that the last three years have said hello but goodbye far to quick... I cannot believe that in a few days time I'll be leaving UWL and not coming back next year. In just over a week I get my results and then two weeks after that I graduate. It makes me so sad to think that just like that I have to say goodbye to some of the greatest people I've ever met and had the chance to befriend & live with some of them.

It's true what the say about university you will leave with some people who will be your best friends for life, because I can't imagine my life without them. I'm already trying not to cry so I'm not looking forward to leaving them.

It's gonna be strange to go home and not be able to walk in to the corridor and ask if anyone wants to walk to the chinese for food or just going out doing something. The girls I live with and the few I don't, are my best friends. We have similar eating times, sleeping patterns and the way we rant now is quite entertaining to listen to. My best friends have become like family. It seems leaving university or leaving home, I feel like I'm leaving some kind of family. I guess we are very lucky that we don't live too far from each other, it makes it easier to visit. I'm certainly gonna miss them and the love of my life that I met here.

I love the place I went to university we've definitely had our ups and our downs, being so far out in the middle of no-where can drive me mad. But I'm never gonna forget driving down the driveway on the first day and that was the decision, no-where else would of lived up to it. It may be quiet but I'm definitely gonna miss it. My lecturers have been amazing over the last three years and even our typically very welsh cleaner in first year will be missed. Her rants were amazing.

I just hope that none of my memories get ruined and that if I come back this place hasn't changed too much :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Its Kind of a Funny Story

I watched this today because I was trying to find new films to watch and I loved it. I loved the way it was shot, the story, the actors. It was nice to watch a film that follows some of the generic but has the edge to be different.

Most of it is set in a psychiatric ward and touches upon other reasons while people are in there. But the main actor Keir Gilchrist and his depression is the main focus. It talks about the reasons he feels depressed and you see the process of him slowly trying to sort out his own mind. Dealing with school, family & women. He's a very good actor.

I'm not a huge lover of Zach Galifianakis acting he can be annoying, but in this he plays on comedic but has a more serious acting style.

I would recommend this film to everyone because it adds something different to your stereotypical hollywood film :)

The Mechanic

New Jason Statham film. I've watched the Transporters (apart from 3) and Crank's so when I saw a new action film with him staring in it I thought well might as well watch this. One of the trailers they released for the film was banned from being shown on television to for being to brutal so this sparked of another reason I wanted to watch it.

I have to admit, some parts of it were good (mostly the fight scenes). Definitely a man's film. The plots okay but a little weak. He sleeps with a girl then gives her a puppy. There literally was no meaning to that part. It was literally just about fights, killing people and revenge but it lacked the depth that other films of his have.

It is more violent than I expected it to be, like one man getting his head completely blown off by a car light (which was in the banned trailer) but I have to admit I laughed when it happened because it wasn't very realistic. There is a fair few cars exploding or on fire. I've seen it all before and it just gets repetitive, it didn't bring anything different to the action genre.

The other actor Ben Foster, I just got frustrated with him. The character he was playing just irritated me by the end.

I think the saving grace to the film is knowing that Statham does most of the stunts himself makes the film more enjoyable to watch because there are a lot of fight scenes and at one point scaling down the side of a building...

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Inglourious Basterds

I love Quentin Tarantino's directing style. I honestly don't know what it is about it but there's something brilliant and legendary about it. When I first watched Inglourious Basterds it made me laugh and I loved it so much. Re-watching it, it brings back part of the reason I fell in love with it.

The way he chooses his cast is massively one of the reasons. Brad Pitt playing Lt. Aldo Raine, an American who enjoys is hunting the Nazi's for their treatment of jewish people. He such an amazing character and his emphasis on the American accent always makes me chuckle. Especially when he carves the Nazi symbol in to one of their heads. Tarantino has that ability of once you see an actor playing the part, there isn't anyone else you could see playing the role. 

Eli Roth playing the psychopath of the Nazi killing group, such brilliant casting. There is something slightly terrifying about his characteristics and his proudness from battering the Nazi's with a baseball bat. I think one of the reasons he terrified me even more is how similar he looks like Zachary Quinto playing Sylar in Heroes.

Christopher Waltz playing Col. Hans Landa. Wow. The man is a brilliant actor and the way he calmly can be so threatening towards other people is terrifying. I think he is in particular is one of the reasons I enjoy the film so much.

Another thing I love about Tarantino's films and in this one is his ability to pick piece's of music that are brilliant suited to situations. This one of the reasons I love Kill Bill so much. He is just a brilliant director who seems to have so much thought out before entering a film to see the vision of the effects of how everything builds. 

I have to admit I haven't watched the original, is it any good if anyones seen it? Worth watching? How does Tarantino's compare?

Turning 21

The coolest birthday cake for my 21st made by my lovely sister :) 

Even though I've just turned 21 making me legal to gamble & drink in America, I don't feel another year older. Maybe it will hit me when I'm no longer in university and living with my best friends and away from all the experiences and memories. I have learnt so much about myself and had some of the greatest experiences and memories since turning 18. They say your twenties are the best year of your life... I just hope they are as great as the last 3 years...