Monday, February 27, 2012

From Baghdad, With Love

I was given this book to read by mum and it truly is beautiful and moving real-life story...

It's the story of Lieutenant Colonel Jay Kopelman and the rest of his squadron discovering an innocent puppy in amongst the darkness that is war. This book discusses the horror that is war and is a real eye-opener. He describes all the rights and wrongs that they are told to follow, including the law that forbids them to keep him as a pet. When they know that they shouldn't become attached to this little puppy and the know the harsh reality of what they've been told they should do to it, none of them want to. It's truly moving to read about how much happiness an innocent animal can bring to all of them.

The Lieutenant tries not to become attached to him, keeping the puppy at a distance but slowly his love for Lava turns into a struggle to hide/protect and save him. It portrays the lengths and depths that man will go to for his best friend. It discusses his every plan to keep Lava safe as he comes up against so many obstacles trying to keep Lava a secret from higher powers and from the terror that is all around them. It also gives you hope at how many people want to help, it is actually quite incredible.

There aren't enough words I can write about this book because it is so emotional and had me in tears reading it. But I cannot say to much because I think people should read it for themselves. I truly cannot describe how incredible this book is. This is one of the best books that I have read, I literally could not put it down from the start because I want to know what happened. It really is a roller-coaster of a book. It honestly recommend that everyone should read it.


So it's been around two months since I last blogged because of spending time with the loved ones, work, decorating and I have missed it. But now I finally have my room all sorted and my desk with my laptop on, so I have no excuse not to from now on. I haven't just sat on my ass though, luckily I've been reading and catching up with all the films I've wanted to so I can talk about those. The first will very shortly follow after this post! I've also been trying to take more and more photo's of wildlife which is beginning to pay off, cos I've been getting some decent shots so I'll post some of those too when I sort them out :)

I've also been attempting to shift some of the weight I put on during my time in uni. It is slowly beginning to pay of, my legs are turning pretty much into mostly muscle (I can thank waitressing for helping with that). It's been a hard few months but I'm trying to make the most of the important things in my life and striving to make the most of my life. This has massively been helped by my parents as they know that I'm falling more and more in love with animation, which was something that I never attempted in university. They bought me a set with modelling clay, background and some helpful instructions so I've been having a go at building things. Hopefully I'll have a stop motion short in a few months (although I'm not promising it will be any good)! If anyone has any tips please feel free to share, it will be much appreciated.

It's a new year and time to make a good start to it. So I hope you will stick with me and keep reading what I write. I'll definitely be blogging a lot more now... I promise!