Thursday, July 07, 2011

News of the World

As someone who wants to go in to the media industry as a whole, I don't understand how some people can have the disrespect to do that to people. I really don't understand how someone can see that as okay. I know the journalism market is very competitive but how could you sleep at night knowing you've done that?

The truth is you hacked peoples phones, celebrities can be overlooked (it's not right!) but to do that to families that have been through the murder of young children. Your sick! Rebecca Brooks leading a newspaper, don't act innocent about not knowing, I don't think anyone believes you, you have to many friends in high places, including Murdoch.

But then again it's not just these its the policemen you have a LOT to answer for, taking bribes to provide information on cases. WELL DONE! That's how people's family like Milly Dowlers go through all that they did in court.

I just hope the family's can get some compensation, but it won't really help with knowing that they had the ability to do that, and have their children's name out of such a horrible situation.

Sorry to rant, I just don't think that this is right...

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