Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I am huge fan of some of the programmes that Channel 4 produce. In particular I watch Supersize Vs Superskinny...

But what I don't understand is how being massively under weight or healthy people see as a good thing? I mean there are so many health complications with being either. But then when your at a healthy weight, you get critised by the media for how you look? Seriously, it's no wonder so many people are body concious. I am so I know how it feels but I'm trying to accept my body for what it is and similarly to these people in this programme there are reasons for my insecurities.

When I was 15 I was a normal figure and I felt confident in myself. But one or two people I went to school with told me I looked pregnant. I was a healthy weight but still slim. I honestly don't understand some of what people say. So I understand that there are background reasons for people insecurities with dealing with weight and this leads to comfort eating...

My personal opinion is you can't achieve anything this way. I know this, I love food, the different flavours and textures so I battle with what I eat. But honestly I think people should learn to love who they are, even if they don't feel confident on the outside, they should learn to love their inside. If you not happy with your outside you can change that (And I DON'T mean with surgery...that just makes things worse).

Whether your a man, a woman, overweight, underweight, you should geniuely just learn to love yourself and surround yourself with people love you for who you are. It helps build who you are. Don't hide away either, get out socially and meet people, if they are horrible, find people who are kind-hearted and geniue. They do exsist! 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I took this photograph around about 3 weeks ago when I went out walking early in the morning with my dad, whenever I see it somehow it always reminds me of being back home... :) 

I took this photograph around a month ago and when ever i see it always seems peaceful :)


One of the greatest Pixar films, in my opinion. I love UP... the first 15 minute sequence with Ellie and Carl and the different stages of their lives, from young to old, is one of the best piece's of film. Every time I watch it makes me cry because it's so moving. 

Pixar always had the ability to make lovable characters. Carl is the sort of grumpy old man that grows in to a softie from his friendship with Russell. Russell's, i find to be the annoying young child that is a bit silly at times but that's why you love him. Doug, the idea of a talking dog who just wants a 'master' to love him (he's by fair my favourite). Kevin the insanely bright colourful bird who just wants to return home to his children and provide for them. As always there has to be the villian, Charles F. Muntz. The man who'll stop at nothing to make sure that he is respected in his field of work, even if it means taking away an animal's parent from it's family. 

Each time I watch the film I fall more in love with it, from the graphics to the story and the music. How an earth they came up with idea of flying a house over to the top of a water fall all in memory of Ellie characters, I'll never understand. I guess this is what makes the company so amazing. Pixar are so creative and managed to capture animated films for all ages, kids, teens, adults even grandparents. Even the shorts have the time and effort put in to them to produce something so outstanding and individual.

I don't think I've ever had such anticipation waiting for films to come out (apart from Harry Potter series). It sums up why I'd love to work for them really...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The most awesome image that Pixar has ever released! =]

SJ x

Women in the Media

When I created my dissertation I did with the inspiration from how women are portrayed within magazines. Mainly because I dislike seeing size 0 or extremely skinny models and then reading articles on how anorexia had increased within young teens. The more I look at how women are in magazines, the more I think well what does the media as a whole expect? I mean seriously, take responsibility for choosing tiny models that put pressure on all females, especially young teens who are most influential....

Although it isn't just women who are feeling the pressure, Men do as well. 

What I don't understand is how that it is acceptable for them to carry on with this...? I'm going to be turning 21 in a 9 days and I feel the pressure at this age to conform to the standard of "perfect" imagery that the overly Photoshopped images create. At this age and having studied it for a degree and know how to create that, I know it's not real. But for these young ladies growing up... they don't. 

There are some people in the fashion world and the media that do want to change this representation but it seems to haven't changed a lot. I know they changed the size of the standard BMI on the catwalk... but I can still see boney women walking up and down them. It's not exactly a big difference to the world is it?

Jennifer Hudson said in an interview recently "I didn't realise I was being discriminated against" about her massive weight loss leading to more roles. She has an amazing voice and is extremely talent. It's kind of sad to think you need to be a certain size to get an acting role....

I know if I have children I don't want them thinking that they have to conform to this "ideal" 

Like Gaga sings about being "born this way"... If you have boobs and ass, your never going to be the "perfection of tiny" that they attempt to create. So they need to start showing that off more in the media as a whole...

Since starting the blog

Since starting it, I've managed to read A Streetcar Named Desire and a few chapters of Simon Pegg's Nerd Do So Well :)

Simon Pegg's Autobiography so far is amazingly funny, full of his humor and never fails to put a smile on my face. It seems so weird learning about someone's life through book form but it's a definite read :)

As for A Streetcar Named Desire...Well, I thought it was brilliantly written but I was disappointing with the end of the play, I don't know entirely what I expected to happen but it wasn't what happened. I was hoping for Blanche to find happiness because it seemed like she had a rough life. It's something I've wanted to read for a while and I managed it in two sittings. I do like the style that Tennessee William's writes in and his characterisation of Stanley and Stella. 

Stanley being this macho man, who does throw his weight around once he's had a drink and pushes it definitely to close to the line with his treatment of Stella. But he does come across as a typical "man" of the time. The only think I found myself thinking was how much more of his character I wanted to learn about, like his background, to know where his behavior came from.

Stella's somewhat of a push-over. I did find myself getting frustrated with her at times. With such easy she found it to return to Stanley, even after the way he would treat her while pregnant, it just seemed like without him there was nothing else. She says something along the lines of "she wished she done something" when it comes to her sister Blanche being taken away by doctors. All I could think was you could have...

Maybe I'll read Sweeney Todd next as my play, it's something I've wanted to take the time to read for a while...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I shall be having a tattoo similar(ish) to this done (not on my foot though) in June to celebrate turning 21 and graduating! Eeeee! :)

The third to my ink collection :) 

SJ x

Hello Blog!

Who knew that would be so much work to try and make a page look right,

First time using a blog, so this could be interesting...

I'm hopefully going to use my blog to upload different things like photo's and talk about films/music/theatre (to discuss about the good and bad). 

I've just finished all my work for my degree :) It took a long time but has flown by over the past three years and I have one final project (my diss) to show for it.


So now is the time to start celebrating and to get round to doing this I've been meaning to do for a long time, like watch the Godfather films. They better be worth all the fuss and the legendary comments that people say about them :)

SJ x