Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Inbetweeners Movie

So it's been released finally. The film to follow on after the TV series....

Admittedly I have tried to watch the TV show and I just didn't really get in to it. But I thought well I'll watch the film. And if your like me you'll love the film! It had me in stitches from the start! I'd seen the trailer for it but I didn't know anything else about what would happen in the film. I think that's a good way to watch it because I find the expectations are lower of films that way.

It was brilliantly written and I think it's definitely one to watch! From what I had seen of the TV series, I found Neil (Blake Harrison) to be the funniest member of the group and I find that he is in the film too. It starts off with them leaving Sixth Form and having that break between school and heading off to university. Then deciding to go on holiday to cheer them all up and they settle on Malia, Greece. 

The whole holiday seems to be disastrous but so entertaining to watch! From the beginning; crap bus ride to pulling up to the run down hotel that they have to stay in. Literally my stomach muscles were aching from laughing so much. The don't succeed well on the pulling and clubbing but the failure makes for brilliant one liners. 

The foursome are brilliant comedic actors and when all put together they make for brilliant amusement. I wouldn't be surprised if they and Film 4 decided to do a follow up film from the success of this one...

I would quote some of the one liners but there were far to many to remember! I recommend this film to everyone! 

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