Thursday, August 11, 2011


The film came out last year and I have finally got around to watching it... It is definitely better than I thought it was going to be! 

The one thing I was worried about this film was always going to be the plot lines of the film, since some recent film musicals I haven't thought that highly of. But actually they have been brilliantly written and can keep you interested throughout the whole film. It's not only the plot but the collaborations for the music between Cher and Christina Aguilera I think are truly special! I think they managed to capture the relationship between musical, current and in some ways vintage sounds that are popular today, definitely in musicals and on the stage. I love Christina's vocals anyway but the musical showcases how talented she actually is! I also thought her acting pretty good too!

The film features a number of brilliant actors and actress in it's cast. Stanley Tucci and Cher's playful relationship throughout the film is entertaining! It also seems that many of the fellow cast has the same attitudes towards each other also which makes for brilliant acting. The dancing and the costumes is something else! These are what made the film for me. The dancing was so energetic in the group numbers that it comes across to the audience watching it. The differences between each individual routine were amazing! The costumes were very flattering and typical of the theme; the flapper costumes, the big feathery fans and the daring outfits. I could tell there was a lot of thought to each design and I loved them!

It reminded me a lot of the film version of Chicago because of the costumes, the entertainment of the songs and some of the set designs. But Burlesque does have many unique areas about the film. Which might explain why I think it's a brilliant film. 

It is definitely a must watch for any musical lovers!

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