Monday, August 15, 2011


Sometimes every girl needs a film that she can; eat junk, laugh at, sympathise with and love. This is definitely one of those films.

The main protagonist of the film is called Annie, who used to own a cake shop with her previous partner, and the film revolves around her relationship with her childhood best friend Lillian. Lillian at the beginning of the film announces that she’s engaged and wants Annie to be her maid of honor. But then Annie meets Helen… Helen is Lillian’s new ‘best’ friend. Throughout the majority of the film Helen’s character is controlling and attempts to take Annie’s place in Lillian’s life.

The plot of the film shows the highlights of true friendship and the pressure on Annie as the maid of honor. It’s a brilliant written plot and one that I definitely didn’t find boring. My only criticism is that I wanted to know more about Annie’s previous life involving the cake shop. The cast is cleverly selected one, especially the comedic characters; Matt Lucas as Gil and Melissa McCarthy as Megan. Also Irish star Chris O’Dowd, well known for the IT Crowd, played the loveable Officer Nathan Rhodes brilliantly.

Some of the lines just had me in stitches;

“You smell like pine needles, and have a face like sunshine! “

 I'm glad he's single because I'm going to climb that like a tree.”

“You probably bleached your assholes at the salon”

I’ve watched so many recent chick flicks and the majority of them feel like they are missing that touch that makes them an instant favourite. This definitely isn’t one of those… It has the comedy, the bitchiness, the loveable, the happiness and the special moments of what a good girly film should have!

So if you fancy a film that you can curl up with your pajamas and watch something to make you smile, this is definitely a good film to choose. This will become one of those classic chick flick films that I’ll be adding to my collection.


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