Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nearly the end...

It seems to me that the last three years have said hello but goodbye far to quick... I cannot believe that in a few days time I'll be leaving UWL and not coming back next year. In just over a week I get my results and then two weeks after that I graduate. It makes me so sad to think that just like that I have to say goodbye to some of the greatest people I've ever met and had the chance to befriend & live with some of them.

It's true what the say about university you will leave with some people who will be your best friends for life, because I can't imagine my life without them. I'm already trying not to cry so I'm not looking forward to leaving them.

It's gonna be strange to go home and not be able to walk in to the corridor and ask if anyone wants to walk to the chinese for food or just going out doing something. The girls I live with and the few I don't, are my best friends. We have similar eating times, sleeping patterns and the way we rant now is quite entertaining to listen to. My best friends have become like family. It seems leaving university or leaving home, I feel like I'm leaving some kind of family. I guess we are very lucky that we don't live too far from each other, it makes it easier to visit. I'm certainly gonna miss them and the love of my life that I met here.

I love the place I went to university we've definitely had our ups and our downs, being so far out in the middle of no-where can drive me mad. But I'm never gonna forget driving down the driveway on the first day and that was the decision, no-where else would of lived up to it. It may be quiet but I'm definitely gonna miss it. My lecturers have been amazing over the last three years and even our typically very welsh cleaner in first year will be missed. Her rants were amazing.

I just hope that none of my memories get ruined and that if I come back this place hasn't changed too much :)

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  1. I'm worried about coming back in the future too and it all being Trinity and that Lampeter might not even be here at all. Either way, it's changed so completely that I doubt any future years can have the experience we had.