Monday, June 13, 2011

The Mechanic

New Jason Statham film. I've watched the Transporters (apart from 3) and Crank's so when I saw a new action film with him staring in it I thought well might as well watch this. One of the trailers they released for the film was banned from being shown on television to for being to brutal so this sparked of another reason I wanted to watch it.

I have to admit, some parts of it were good (mostly the fight scenes). Definitely a man's film. The plots okay but a little weak. He sleeps with a girl then gives her a puppy. There literally was no meaning to that part. It was literally just about fights, killing people and revenge but it lacked the depth that other films of his have.

It is more violent than I expected it to be, like one man getting his head completely blown off by a car light (which was in the banned trailer) but I have to admit I laughed when it happened because it wasn't very realistic. There is a fair few cars exploding or on fire. I've seen it all before and it just gets repetitive, it didn't bring anything different to the action genre.

The other actor Ben Foster, I just got frustrated with him. The character he was playing just irritated me by the end.

I think the saving grace to the film is knowing that Statham does most of the stunts himself makes the film more enjoyable to watch because there are a lot of fight scenes and at one point scaling down the side of a building...

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