Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Women in the Media

When I created my dissertation I did with the inspiration from how women are portrayed within magazines. Mainly because I dislike seeing size 0 or extremely skinny models and then reading articles on how anorexia had increased within young teens. The more I look at how women are in magazines, the more I think well what does the media as a whole expect? I mean seriously, take responsibility for choosing tiny models that put pressure on all females, especially young teens who are most influential....

Although it isn't just women who are feeling the pressure, Men do as well. 

What I don't understand is how that it is acceptable for them to carry on with this...? I'm going to be turning 21 in a 9 days and I feel the pressure at this age to conform to the standard of "perfect" imagery that the overly Photoshopped images create. At this age and having studied it for a degree and know how to create that, I know it's not real. But for these young ladies growing up... they don't. 

There are some people in the fashion world and the media that do want to change this representation but it seems to haven't changed a lot. I know they changed the size of the standard BMI on the catwalk... but I can still see boney women walking up and down them. It's not exactly a big difference to the world is it?

Jennifer Hudson said in an interview recently "I didn't realise I was being discriminated against" about her massive weight loss leading to more roles. She has an amazing voice and is extremely talent. It's kind of sad to think you need to be a certain size to get an acting role....

I know if I have children I don't want them thinking that they have to conform to this "ideal" 

Like Gaga sings about being "born this way"... If you have boobs and ass, your never going to be the "perfection of tiny" that they attempt to create. So they need to start showing that off more in the media as a whole...

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