Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I am huge fan of some of the programmes that Channel 4 produce. In particular I watch Supersize Vs Superskinny...

But what I don't understand is how being massively under weight or healthy people see as a good thing? I mean there are so many health complications with being either. But then when your at a healthy weight, you get critised by the media for how you look? Seriously, it's no wonder so many people are body concious. I am so I know how it feels but I'm trying to accept my body for what it is and similarly to these people in this programme there are reasons for my insecurities.

When I was 15 I was a normal figure and I felt confident in myself. But one or two people I went to school with told me I looked pregnant. I was a healthy weight but still slim. I honestly don't understand some of what people say. So I understand that there are background reasons for people insecurities with dealing with weight and this leads to comfort eating...

My personal opinion is you can't achieve anything this way. I know this, I love food, the different flavours and textures so I battle with what I eat. But honestly I think people should learn to love who they are, even if they don't feel confident on the outside, they should learn to love their inside. If you not happy with your outside you can change that (And I DON'T mean with surgery...that just makes things worse).

Whether your a man, a woman, overweight, underweight, you should geniuely just learn to love yourself and surround yourself with people love you for who you are. It helps build who you are. Don't hide away either, get out socially and meet people, if they are horrible, find people who are kind-hearted and geniue. They do exsist! 

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