Thursday, May 26, 2011


One of the greatest Pixar films, in my opinion. I love UP... the first 15 minute sequence with Ellie and Carl and the different stages of their lives, from young to old, is one of the best piece's of film. Every time I watch it makes me cry because it's so moving. 

Pixar always had the ability to make lovable characters. Carl is the sort of grumpy old man that grows in to a softie from his friendship with Russell. Russell's, i find to be the annoying young child that is a bit silly at times but that's why you love him. Doug, the idea of a talking dog who just wants a 'master' to love him (he's by fair my favourite). Kevin the insanely bright colourful bird who just wants to return home to his children and provide for them. As always there has to be the villian, Charles F. Muntz. The man who'll stop at nothing to make sure that he is respected in his field of work, even if it means taking away an animal's parent from it's family. 

Each time I watch the film I fall more in love with it, from the graphics to the story and the music. How an earth they came up with idea of flying a house over to the top of a water fall all in memory of Ellie characters, I'll never understand. I guess this is what makes the company so amazing. Pixar are so creative and managed to capture animated films for all ages, kids, teens, adults even grandparents. Even the shorts have the time and effort put in to them to produce something so outstanding and individual.

I don't think I've ever had such anticipation waiting for films to come out (apart from Harry Potter series). It sums up why I'd love to work for them really...

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  1. that movie is just too heartbreaking in the beginning. i always hoped i'd die before my hubby so i wouldn't have to miss him, but that movie made me think of what he would go through.
    in whole though, everything about that movie was awesome