Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Since starting the blog

Since starting it, I've managed to read A Streetcar Named Desire and a few chapters of Simon Pegg's Nerd Do So Well :)

Simon Pegg's Autobiography so far is amazingly funny, full of his humor and never fails to put a smile on my face. It seems so weird learning about someone's life through book form but it's a definite read :)

As for A Streetcar Named Desire...Well, I thought it was brilliantly written but I was disappointing with the end of the play, I don't know entirely what I expected to happen but it wasn't what happened. I was hoping for Blanche to find happiness because it seemed like she had a rough life. It's something I've wanted to read for a while and I managed it in two sittings. I do like the style that Tennessee William's writes in and his characterisation of Stanley and Stella. 

Stanley being this macho man, who does throw his weight around once he's had a drink and pushes it definitely to close to the line with his treatment of Stella. But he does come across as a typical "man" of the time. The only think I found myself thinking was how much more of his character I wanted to learn about, like his background, to know where his behavior came from.

Stella's somewhat of a push-over. I did find myself getting frustrated with her at times. With such easy she found it to return to Stanley, even after the way he would treat her while pregnant, it just seemed like without him there was nothing else. She says something along the lines of "she wished she done something" when it comes to her sister Blanche being taken away by doctors. All I could think was you could have...

Maybe I'll read Sweeney Todd next as my play, it's something I've wanted to take the time to read for a while...

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