Thursday, November 03, 2011

Long time no blog

So I haven't blogged in nearly a month...It's been a crazy month. Between work and personal life things seem to have been a bit manic but their getting better which is a very good sign! In the last month I've managed to buy a huge pile of christmas and birthday presents (I'm already feeling the holiday spirit...minus knowing I have to work christmas day). I've been hand making lots of presents too, so once I give them to them soon, I'll be able to upload some pictures of what I've done feeling creative. I'm even handing making all my christmas cards this year too! Also I bought a game by EA that I can't play and am fuming! But finally all the good shows are coming back on; Glee, Desperate Housewives and my favourite, The Big Bang Theory! So I'm very happy!

I went up to manchester around two weeks ago and they'd started putting christmas lights up...We hadn't even had Halloween then! It's crazy! Seems like they are trying to start christmas very early this year! After having a glorious week of late summers, the rain and cold is finally setting it. With it getting dark earlier and we're winter clothing, I'm feeling very snuggled up all the time. I think winter has to be my favourite time of the year!

Bonfire night is two nights away and I'm feeling very excited! With it being my dad's birthday I made sure I had it booked off to spend the day with him. I'm taking him out for the day to a Whisky Distillery and then buying him a bottle to bring home! I've got two biodegradable lanterns for him to float of in to the night and sparklers. And in the tradition we'll stand outside all wrapped up watching the fireworks go off in our local area. (This might have something to do with why I love winter!)

I'm going to blog about Batteries not included within the next 36 hours. It might be a old film but it's definitely classic and I love it!

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