Friday, November 04, 2011

*Batteries Not Included

So this a old film that was a classic of its time and personally I still think is today! I rewatched it recently and fell back in love with it!

Its a story about an elderly couple who live in an old apartment block and a building company are trying to convict them and their fellow neighbours; one whose pregnant, another whose is an artist and one who used to be a boxer but not longer speaks. (he's my favourite because he reminds me a lot of lenny from of mice and men) They refuse to move out and one night the eldery married man wishes on a star for help. Well it turns out something was listening as little robots who love to fix things appear in their apartment.

These are possibly some of the cutest little robots! When they reproduce baby robots they are even cuter! For the time of its release this such a brilliantly produced film. Its so hard not to fall in love with the little robots, especially when work in the dinner and looks like a little walking burger!

With this film, eventhough its written so you will sympathise with the 'goodies' of the film, its hard not to want 'good' to conquer the 'evil'. Mainly because the elderly couple are so loveable and audience can imagine their own granparents in their shoes. Another reason is when one of the newly born little robots is born it does make an audience feel sad...But the boxer who never talks doesn't give up on him and brings the tiny robot back to life and encourages him to speak his first words of the film!

It is all round brilliantly family film! Definitely to be loved by all generations! If you haven't seen this film you definitely should!

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  1. I've always loved this film, I don't think there's anything else quite like it out there.