Thursday, November 10, 2011

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole

I absolutely love animated films because of the detail that they capture and I have to admit this film doesn't disappoint! The creation of all the owls is amazing, each one is different to make each one individual. There is a scene where Gylfie is being trained to follow his instincts to help him glide through a storm. This for me was possibly the best thing about the film because each individual speck of water has been beautifully created and the smoothness of his wings is just incredible. I think how they make the baby fluffy owls, like Eglantine to look so soft is amazing!

Admittedly, the story wasn't the best but I think it is made up for that with the 'history' and stories of the battle of the guardians and the 'pure ones'. It plays on the idea of whether legendary stories are real or not, which I personally found cleverly written. The themes of the film are typical fairy tale where the good conquers evil. But at the end of the film the say that Kludd, Gylfie's evil owl brother, body was never found...This gives them scope to make a follow up.

I did find that when I was watching I couldn't help but try and place the voices because they all sounded like very familiar actors. Both me and mum were very wrong with our guesses!

One thing that I did love about the film is the soundtrack. I thought they music that chose to use suited the film perfectly! From the beautiful melodies for flying to the dominant music for whenever there are signs of danger. I always think that a soundtrack can either make or break a film if the sounds are chosen correctly, but they did a very good job.

It's a sunday afternoon film. It had some good sparks with some clever animation and effects. It's also definitely a film that children will love because of all the owls and how cute they look.

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