Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tron Legacy

Before I watched this film, I'd never seen the original and wasn't feeling excited for watching the film because the trailer's didn't really appeal to me or advertise the film in the best way. But to be honest after sitting down and watching it in Blu-Ray I actually really enjoyed it!

The CGI and all the special effects in the film is quite special. They way they've build up the grid that they race on, the fighting flying platforms and the creation of the audience is awesome. They way they've bounced the lighting effects of them to make it seem more real is magical. I truly envy them and wish I had the ability to be able to create something like that. They bring the film to life by having a distinctive style between the real and the surreal. 

As much as I love this feature, what I did find somewhat lacking was the game feature. When Sam first appears in Tron he has to play the games to stay alive but once he goes in to hiding and then eventually comes back out, there isn't that emphasis on it anymore. I know I would of definitely enjoyed seeing more of the games and maybe having that feature a bit more. The only way your reminded is when people die they shattered in to thousands of pieces. It's a bit of a shame really. 

One thing I really don't understand with films such as this, is the music. Although the soundtrack is pretty sensational with a few classic songs, why do they feel the need to make the music so loud when people are talking? I find it so annoying and irritating because once you get into the film and they do this you struggle to hear the conversation going on. Apart from that they rest of the sound aspects is of high quality.

The acting in it is quite good, Jeff Bridges is obviously a brilliant actor. He plays the divide between Kevin Flynn the inventor of the game and Clu the evil invention who wants to produce an army and escape in to the real world extremely well. The editing that they have done on him playing Clu, make him seem robot like which I think played on the mannerisms of the character excellently. Garrett Hedlund (Sam Flynn) and Olivia Wilde (Quorra) have a lot of chemistry when acting along side each other, once Sam's in the game. This adds to quality of the film because this adds to emotion of some of the scenes.

It's definitely a fun film to watch and something I would watch again and probably enjoy more by picking up on different qualities of the film. I always find that they are the best forms of film.

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