Monday, September 26, 2011

Toy Story 3

I remember when I was a lot younger seeing the first Toy Story and falling in love with the film. The relationship between Woody and Buzz just captured the rivalry to jealous then friendship relationship. Also the romantic relationship of Buzz and Bo Peep I always thought was very sweet!  

Then when they released the second film and introduced Jessie and Bullseye, I fell in love with this film slightly more than the first. Partly because I absolutely love Bullseye and how only his eye and occasional noises that he makes reflects all of his emotions. I think it's something quite special! 

Obviously when I look at the films now, I have a deeper appreciation for them and I adore the creative ideas and different inspirations that go into the building of the story lines.

Around 13 years later Pixar announced that they were going to release a final Toy Story... Then 14 years after the release of the first film, they released the third. Before I went to see the film in the cinema, I was apprehensive incase it didn't live up to the previous films. But once I watched it, I felt it completed the relationship between Andy, Woody and the rest of the gang.

The main story line is about Woody and the guys ending up in daycare after Jessie and everyone else thinks that Andy wanted to throw them away before he heads of to college,even-though Woody tries to convince them otherwise. The way it's written ties in all the character emotions of them attempting to escape then the dangers and the outcome. They have a brilliant ability to tie in the roller-coaster of emotions throughout the film. 

After years of waiting Buzz finally admits that he finds Jessie beautiful, even if it did take for him to go in to spanish mode. I honestly felt like cheering! I am just sad that Bo Peep wasn't there with Woody at the end, I think that's the only think that could of improved the film.

During the final film, I absolute love the colouring in the film, it's so bright and colourful which makes the film seem full of life! Especially when the toys get taken in to Sunnyside daycare, the array of colours of all the individual toys in there is spectacular! When the elephant sneezes when they are getting a tour of the daycare, the stuffing that flies up is very cleverly done! The lighting and colour reflect mood and charactering, like when the younger group of children come in to play with the toys, the lightening goes very clinical looking, white and bright. It plays on the idea that the toys are in danger because of the forceful playing ways of the young children.

No matter how many times I watch the film, it still makes me feel emotional because to me the point in the plot where they believe that they are going to die and are all sat down on rubble holding-hands moving towards the fire is truly heartbreaking. This is the point, as an audience, you can see that they are ready to embrace death all together is so sad. But personally, isn't the height of emotion for me. For me it's the end, when Andy gives all of his toys, reluctantly including Woody, to Bonnie. Then as he drives off to college he says "thanks" to his toys who've been there all of his life. Once Woody responds with "so long partner", my emotions are shot. Even at the age of 21, it makes me feel like a child giving up something you don't want to.

At the end of the film, the sequence during the titles, Jessie and Buzz dancing to you've got a friend in spanish finishes of the film on a high note and provides light entertainment after the previous serious scene.

One thing I do love about this film, is that Pixar asked the original boy who played Andy to voice in the final one. I think this adds some depth to the film because it shows the really want to keep the film as close to the original as possible. I don't think they could of achieved as greater films if they didn't think about voice overs and how important they are. I don't think there is anyone who would argue against how Tom Hank's brings Woody to life! He incapsulates the character of Woody and brings out his emotions. He isn't just the only one, the whole acting cast they choose all have this ability. It's a true skill!

You could be young, old or anywhere in the middle but this is definitely and end to a trilogy that people should watch!

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