Friday, December 09, 2011


So it's taken me about a month to final blog again... With Christmas around the corner, I've been busy hand making cards and presents for people. It's been a busy month being back and forth Manchester, working, redecorating and trying to drop some weight. All of which has been surprisingly good at giving me more energy! It's quite incredible how much of my christmas shopping I've done online. I think because it's so accessible and the chances of getting what you want online compared to shops is higher. Plus the fact, some shops you just cannot move in for people, drives me bananas! 

With Christmas so close, I'm really looking forward to spending time with the family. I think that's the whole point of special holidays, its moments in those times of the year that are sometimes the funniest. Two years ago on boxing day, we'd bought a humming game and it kept us in stitches for hours, mainly because my dad sounded like Phil Jupitus (Never Mind the Buzzcocks). So following on from that we now have crackers with the humming game in. If you want some entertainment over christmas give it go...

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  1. Nice idea to make the christmascards yourself. It's much more personal and much more fun i guess :) It's a pitty I am not that handy :(